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Using Art as Creative Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It allows us to use colour, shapes, symbols and metaphors to express unconscious thoughts and feelings. There is no age limit for art therapy, rather, as we age it becomes even more important to get in touch with our creative self. Art therapy is about the process of healing that comes from the art making and reflecting, rather than the outcome itself. When we create art, we allow our body and mind to process thoughts or disturbing events, we allow our body to relax and enjoy, and we are able to see creative possibilities with life's challenges.

The best way to understand how art therapy works, is to give it a try! Here is something quick to try at home: grab a piece of paper and some markers. Draw a weather pattern related to your mood- it could be clouds for sad, sun for happy or hail for angry (just to name a few). I love doing this as a check in. Often times when I ask someone how they are doing, I will get a "good" or "okay". When I ask someone to do a weather pattern, I all of a sudden get a really complex picture and understanding of what has actually been happening in their day. You get to name all those complex feelings that are stored in your body and feel validated. Give it a try!



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